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New Mum with a New Body?

I know how frustrating it is when you just can't seem to fit into half of the clothes in your wardrobe after having a baby! Coupled with breastfeeding woes, a serious lack of sleep, and a new human that you need to get to know ... Motherhood is a lot to handle. Looking into the mirror at yourself may be the hardest thing to do now. Taking time to care for YOU may be even harder.

But guess what, you can also still make that choice, to start caring for and strengthening your new body! I mean, who is to say no?!

Oh. But The Problem is ...


Your tummy is still getting in the way.

But you are unsure if abdominal separation is still an issue or is it just excess tummy fats that is causing you to still look like you are 5 months pregnant. Either way, it gives you much addded frustration.


You also get confused by so much info.

You know you need to take things slow after having a baby, but you are equally eager to get back to finding yourself again. And it doesn't help seeing those new mums on social looking like ... "Heloooo! Did you just have a baby?!"


You can't find the energy to move.

You want to prioritise energy for your baby, but you also don't want your health to take a back seat! And yet you can't muster the energy to take action. You feel like a hamster on the wheel just rolling forward with no end in mind.

I know. I have been there too.

That is why I created my signature program, Stronger & Fitter After Baby! Once you have been through the program, like so many other mamas I have helped, you too will have a clear idea and systematic way of losing the excess baby weight safely, gain some muscles and feel more energetic! Yes! And fit into your favourite jeans and feel sexy, fit again!

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Stronger & Fitter After Baby

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In this program, I will help you:

Identify Your Fitness

We start off by helping you find out where your baseline fitness is, so that you know which Phase of the program you need to spend more time in.

Get Strong Safely

The exercise programs are specifically designed to help mums (especially new mums) to first learn how to first protect and strengthen their core/ abdominals safely. Then we get you to build muscles and get strong with a plan that works for you.

Save Time

Let's face it mama! Motherhood is not a walk in the park. We simply do not have the luxury of time to workout like we used to. We need effective and time efficient exercise plans! And that is exactly what we will do! Save time on workouts and spend more time with your kids!

Increase Energy

Failure to eat well. Failure to move well. These are one of the key factors leading to lo energy levels and this vicious cycle will continue - unless you choose to interrupt it. With nutrition insights and movement plans that are sustainable, we will help be the energetic mum you want to be!

“Fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes again was a dream come true! I even had the courage to buy a Cheongsam to wear for Chinese New Year!
With the right coach and longevity mindset, nothing is impossible. Kareen has spurred me on to work beyond these 6 weeks. This is what I call Inspiration!”

— Jiamin, mum of 3 boys

What's included in the program?

Personal Coaching for 6 weeks (valued at $800)

As a mum of 3, Kareen knows it’s not always easy or convenient to log onto your computer, write an email, or wait to schedule an appointment. Simply text / whatsapp Kareen your question and she will get back to you by the next working day.

Weekly Workout Huddles (valued at $360)

Join Kareen in a weekly group workout session designed for mums. This will be a remote session so that you can join in from anywhere as long as you have a device. She will also be able to simplify the hidden truths to that last 5kg, and show you information that you haven’t heard before.  Oh and of course, meet other mamas and have a good sweat sesh together!

Proven strategies to reach your goals (Valued at $197)

Get unlimited access to Stronger & Fitter After Baby program, where you will find your step-by-step guide through the STEM Approach to start immediately. Learn to strengthen your body from inside out safely, by progressing through the 3 Phases (Base - Build - Burn) planned for you in the program.

One-on-one Accountability Check-ins with Kareen (worth $300)

Every program comes with a bi-weekly one-on-one 30-minute sessions with Kareen. These sessions are live check-in calls to facilitate coaching and accountability check ins. This prompt, personalized experience is your time to ask any questions and for us to troubleshoot any exercises and life challenges to make sure you stay on track.

Be The Change You Want to See.

Stronger & Fitter After Baby may be exactly what you need to find your health and strength again, so that you can lead the sexy motherhood you deserve! Sign up now and start being a stronger & happier mum!


I am not sure when is the right time to start!

If you just had your baby: Congratulations! This is the perfect time to get access to Stronger & Fitter After Baby. Get started on safe and easy tasks under the BASE phase, right at home. Start strengthening you core the right way!

If you are 1 year postpartum & beyond: This program is absolutely relevant for you, especially if you still have a weak core or still experiencing diastasis. Walk through the 3 Phases in the program and catch up on whatever you had overlooked before. Do what is adequate and essential for healing before you plan for the next baby. Or simply jump through the Phases if you are ready to do more!

Do I need any equipment to start?

Equipments are not absolutely necessary. We are encouraging you to get started with simply your body weight and awareness of your body. However, we do have exercise modifications that give you the option of using added weights if you like. Before the program starts, we touch on the basic equipment that you do need to have.

In fact, for this program, we do encourage a basic resistance band and a pilates ball to get started for postnatal recovery. instructions and recommendations will be given on where to get them easily.

Women need to eventually move on to handling weighted movements. It makes sense because hey .... baby will eventually grow bigger and heavier too! That's a legitimate fact!

What if I do not have time to follow the program?

We are pretty sure busy mamas like yourself may not have the luxury of time to head out to a facility and commit to weekly sessions that could take you at least an hour to travel to and from home. 

This is precisely why - in this program, we coach you on how to find your pockets of time to perform the effective movement tasks throughout the day. We start small, but start anyway!

You don't have to completely give up your health and well-being just because you are a busy mama.

What is the time commitment required?

This is a self-regulated program that will take as long as you need. The program design goes by phases of your postpartum journey, (be it one month or 1 year) and it is ok if you need to take a longer time during any phase since you have unlimited access to the portal.

More importantly, we want to help you through your recovery journey progressively and safely after your birth, even if you are 1 year postpartum. 

That said you will be supported by with personal coaching for 6 weeks. There is always option to continue with this support if you chose to at the end of 6 weeks.

Is this program refundable?

At this moment, the Founding Members' fees of $370 is heavily part-sponsored, as my goal is to help founding member mamas get stronger and fitter asap. As with any coaching program, it takes both parties to put in 100% effort for it to work. If this is not the commitment you are willing to put in, then I am afraid this program is not for you. I choose to spend my time helping members who are willing to commit their time and resources diligently, instead of spending time sorting out refunds and guarantees. Please reach out to me at kareenlai@mumsinsync.com if you need clarity on commitment levels.

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